About us

We have chosen the name HEARTWOOD to illustrate our passion of wood working, and the close link we have with the material, a guarantee of technical expertise. 

Our references are exclusively made in Germany, one of a kind products and concept.

HEARTWOOD is also a word used in Woodworking which describes the core of noble wood species such as oak, cherry, walnut. This part is more intensely coloured and more dense than the younger parts.

We bet on sustainability of wood resources, therefore our OakWood comes exclusively from France and Germany, where laws can guarantee its preservation.

Program for the endorsment of forest certifications


Heartwood - equipo

HEARTWOOD has gathered the most experienced craftsmen for designing, producing and laying of exclusive very large format slats.

We offer exclusively to each of our clients the best after sales and maintenance service, on every project.

Our offer

You can contact HEARTWOOD by phone, email, or directly visiting one of our showrooms where we will give you a warm welcome. You will then have the opportunity to explain your project, your ideas, your desires to us, and we will advise and guide you to make it real.

You will present and explain your project, show us the blueprints, so we can present you with an estimate of the costs of our services. We will then come on site to take measurements and note any useful information so that we can send you our final offer. Once you will have validated our offer, we will send the corresponding order to our production unit in Germany: From then on, it will take from 4 to 12 weeks (depending on the project) for us to prepare and deliver the customized elements of your future wooden floor. In the meantime, we will be in touch with your architect or contractor (if necessary) so we could coordinate our work with the ones of the other cratsmen which work can still be in progress.

Finally, we are proceeding with the laying of your new floor, so your satisfaction can be complete.